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7 Sep 12

Twins Eat Jizz

It’s always hot when two girls are willing to suck off the same cock… In this case, it looks like these two are twins – perky blonde twins! Sucking the same cock!

And making out with each other in the process!


That is, until one of them gets a shot of cum in the face! Unless they are both willing to share!


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Some women are just born to suck cock…. What a little whore, down on her knees, cock in hand, ready to suck off cock……


She’s about to take a huge load of jizz in the face isn’t she?

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Women are such sluts. Why else would they be so willing to take our cocks in their mouth so willingly and suck us off?

This little blonde slut seems to be rather comfortable with a cock in her mouth! And she knows what she’s doing! She’s got her hands wrapped around his cock and she’s going to town on him, sucking him in, taking his cock deep into her mouth like the good little slut she is! She must really love sucking cock – and she must have a lot of practice doing it too!


Maybe it’s because she wanted that sweet delicious milk that comes out of his cock when he cums! Most women like the taste of cum – some have to be properly trained to like it – yet others like this blonde slut seems to love it! She obviously didn’t turn away when he started to cum in her mouth, instead she took it like a real slut – right in the kisser! Her mouth was full of jizz!

There was so much jizz it was dripping out of her mouth!


Women like this who aren’t afraid of a little jizz are hard to find. When you do find one willing to guzzle down jizz like this, you had better hold onto her!

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You just know you want this hot blonde babe to suck off your cock!

Imagine being able to pull on her hair while she’s sucking your cock!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover1

When she starts sucking cock, she’s all business. She knows all the tricks. But the hottest trick of all is when she’s on her knees, cock in mouth, looking up at us….. Now that’s hot! And seeing a hot little blonde with a cock in her mouth sucking you off, well, it’s not stretch of the imagination that she’ll be able to get him off quickly!

Who wouldn’t want to drop their load in her mouth! I bet you she’d love to eat it up too!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover2

Turns out she loves jizz – All of it!

She wants jizz in her mouth, on her face, on her chest….. Jizz every where! More jizz for her drink down!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover3

Yeah, she sure does like jizz doesn’t she!

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19 May 12

Licking Balls

This is exactly why I love the Jizz Bomb website….. Lots of hot young chicks sucking off cock and getting huge facials!

This blonde haired beauty knows her place in life and knows exactly what men like! Seeing this beauty on her knees sucking us off would totally turn us on! And as an extra added bonus, she knows what most men like the most – when we get our balls licked! Yeah, she knows that trick!

jizz bomb whore swallows cum 1 jizz bomb whore swallows cum 2

She’s going to be well rewarded – with what she wanted the most….. A nice fat load of jizz!

Because this hot blonde teen has always liked having jizz in her mouth!!!!

jizz bomb whore swallows cum 4

She’s going to cum swallow as much of her jizz as she can!

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18 May 12

Aimme Eats J izz

Talk about a teen with talent…..

Aimme from Amateur Allure really knows what she’s doing. We aren’t sure who trained her, but she’s been trained well! She knows all of the tricks, from licking the shaft, to sucking on the nut sack, to looking up at us the entire time…… To deep throating all the way down!

What a beautiful sight!

aimee cum swallows1 aimee cum swallows2

But the best part…. The best part is when she swallows his entire load of jizz! And then lets it sit on her tongue instead of quickly swallowing it down!

aimee cum swallows3

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17 May 12

Teen Cum Lover

This young teen hottie told him she wanted him to cover her face with his cum…. And what a hot teen chick like this wants, well, she gets it!

As soon as he could he dropped his entire load right on her face!!!!

hot-babe-loves cum

And the entire time this teen cum lover was smiling!!!!

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25 Apr 12

Sperm Eater

Don’t you just love it when hot chicks get excited about having a load of jizz in their mouth?

She looks like she loves eating sperm!


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You can tell Chase from Amateur Allure loves playing with a cock, can’t you? What a great shot this is….. Sort of makes you want to bring your camera to bed the next time your getting a blow job, doesn’t it?

Chase sure does look pretty and she looks like she’s having fun, but it doesn’t look like she’s serious about sucking down cock. She looks like a little school girl holding a cock in her hand for the first time. But Chase is smoking hot; She must have men chasing her on a regular basis so it can’t be the first time she’s ever sucked off a cock!


Turns out she likes to have fun when giving head; Eventually she went for broke and did things to his cock that he didn’t expect – This little perky friendly blonde chick was a bit more aggressive with his cock than he had expected! But in the end, it turned out to be a great blow job anyhow!

And he came. Did he ever cum! He dropped his entire load right into her mouth, and she took it all like a champ! She took most of it right in her mouth; It wasn’t the first time she’s swallowed a load of jizz, but she’s never swallowed this much jizz before! But she still took it all like a champ!


And that’s the kind of girl we like to have sucking on our cock!

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We featured Lora from Amateur Allure earlier, but she’s so damn hot that we have to show her off again!

This is young teen Lora doing her best to deep throat cock! What makes this deep throating special is that she’s got both of her hands on his balls, applying just the right amount of pressure on his nuts while she’s deep throating him!

lora sucking cock eating cum1

You bet your ass she turned him on so much that he spit out a huge load of jizz – all of which she took in her mouth!

lora sucking cock eating cum3

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