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Sexy and spooky naked asian kitty sucks and deep throats a big dick before he pounds her tight shaved pussy and fills her mouth with cum.

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Beautiful teen Hope Howell gets her mouth stretched sucking on a huge cock only to have her pussy pounded and her mouth sprayed with a huge cumshot.

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Stunning latina sucks cock gets her shaved pussy fucked and swallows jizz.

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24 Aug 12

Jizz In Her Mouth

This little slut from Papa Loads was ready for sex long before he had even given it thought…. She was all dressed up, wearing a see through outfit, and quickly dropped down to her knees and was taking his cock out of his pants before he knew what was happening. He was ambushed. We should all be this lucky!

When she took his cock into her mouth and started teasing him, he was already so turned on and ready to spit out his load of jizz right into her mouth…. But he had to wait. If she was willing to suck him off and was asking for nothing in return, well, he was going to take full advantage this hot sexy blow job! It’s always hotter when she is so much more willing!

She started licking the tip of his cock….

cute-babe-takes-load-of-cum1-1 cute-babe-takes-load-of-cum2

But a short time later she was going full bore on his cock, taking it deep in her mouth – and everyone knows how we all like it when hot chicks deep throat cock!

He wasn’t able to contain himself and it was only a matter of time before he spit out all of his jizz on her face!


She got jizz in her mouth…. Which is the one thing she always loved doing for her lover!

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27 May 12

Super Hot Facial

Every now and then you meet a hot chick who just loves having her face covered with cum…. And this dark haired brunette is no exception! She made it clear as she was getting naked that she loves facials and loves cum – And that she’ll take it any which way she can! As long as her face is covered with cum she’ll be a happy teen!

When he dropped his load she wasn’t surprised; She had been waiting for it! She opened up her mouth wide and leaned into his cock, taking most of his load right into her mouth! Just the good little whore we hoped she would be!


Yeah, you can tell this chick loves cum! She doesn’t want to swallow it down; She wants to remind him who’s really boss by playing around with his cum in her mouth before she swallows it down!!!!


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11 May 12

Facial Lover

You can always tell it’s going to be a good blow job in the first few minutes….. And clearly with this bitch sucking on his nut sack like this, well, it’s going to be one hell of a blow job! Not all chicks know how to suck on our balls like this!

jade cum whore1

But of course this chick follows through – she really knows her way around a cock! She grabs it with her hand, teases him by sucking on the tip, and then thrusts it deep in her mouth!

She’s going to be sure to get him off and get him off quickly!

jade cum whore3 jade cum whore2

When he comes…. He can’t control his cock! All she wanted was his jizz, and now his jizz is every where – on her face, her tongue…… And she’s loving every moment of getting this jizz load on her face!

jade cum whore4

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31 Mar 12

Hot Ball Licker

If young Kikki takes his cock any further in her mouth she’ll be tickling her throat! Could she possibility try any harder?

Oh, she’s licking his balls too!


That’s always super sweet… I bet you he’s got a nice load of jizz for her to swallow down!

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20 Mar 12

Huge Tongue

Lila has a nice big fat tongue….. And you know exactly what that means! She can rub her big tongue all over his cock – and get him off without ever having to put his dick in her mouth!

lila swallows load of cum1

She turned him on so much that he spit out a massive load of jizz in her mouth – and her tongue was so damn huge that she could stick her tongue out and show off his load of cum to him!

lila swallows load of cum2

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8 Mar 12

Awesome Blow

Blow jobs are just like foreplay and sex…. blowjobs start off slowly and then pick up pace as you go along. Young Kayleigh here knows how to suck cock, and how to suck cock good! She’s a natural; She’s a real pro when it comes to sucking cock. She starts off slow ad then slowly works her way up the ladder until your cock is ready to explode, dropping your load of cum all over her face!

kayleigh hot teen eats-cum1 kayleigh hot teen eats-cum2

Sometimes blow jobs are like an art form, and this is something teen Kayleigh has mastered…. She sticks her tongue out – and what a beautifully large tongue she has! – starts licking from the nut sack, slowly up the shaft, and all the way to the tip of cock, making sure to spend a lot of time on the tip of your cock…. Because Kayleigh knows that the tip of your cock is the most sensitive part of your body – and oh how we love having the tip of our cock licked!

kayleigh hot teen eats-cum3

How can you not drop your entire load of jizz in her mouth???

kayleigh hot teen eats-cum4

She didn’t even flinch when he started to cum in her mouth – She just took it all in like it was perfectly natural! Young teen Kayleigh must have sucked down a lot of jizz in her time!

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6 Mar 12

Sexy Blowjob

You can tell this whore has been around! She pulled up her dress, had her hands on her panties playing with her pussy, and a cock in her mouth! She’s just not happy until she’s got her mouth full of cock!

Chicks who play with their pussy while sucking cock are the type of chicks that really get off on sucking cock – and give the best blow jobs!


She got exactly what she wanted – a nice load of jizz right in her mouth!

This whore knows her place in life; She swallowed down all of his jizz like the good little whore she is!


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