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Congrats to our girl ‘Dillion’ (aka Dillion Harper), who was just named November 2013 Hustler Magazine Cover Model and Honey of the Month!

20130811-155925.jpgDillion’s debut video is available now at and will be out soon on DVD!

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11 Sep 12

Slut Eats Jizz

Some women are really nothing more than sluts. And sluts like to eat jizz. Just like this slut!

And this little slut is taking one hell of a big load of jizz right in her mouth! She’s sucked him off, and then when he was ready to cum she sat there with his cock in front of her mouth and her mouth wide open! He spit out his entire load right in her mouth!


Most women would want to quickly spit it out…. But not this little slut. She knows her place in life and she knows she’s a slut, and she knows that men love it when they take loads of jizz in their mouth!

Why should she be any different?

She just sat there with her mouth open with a huge load of jizz on her tongue!


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6 May 12

Jizz In Mouth

They say that blondes have more fun, but it looks like this blonde is having more fun than most!

And she’s got talent! Oral talent! The way she grabs his cock while she’s got his pecker in her mouth is too much! That’s sure to be a huge turn on!

topanga-loves eating cock swallowing jizz246

Just like all other women before her who have sucked off some cock before, she gets down on her knees and starts licking the cock up and down! Then when she can tell he’s nice and hard, it’s time to sink her mouth down around his pecker!

But the best part of it all is the entire time she’s sucking him off, she’s looking back up at him!

topanga-loves eating cock swallowing jizz250 topanga-loves eating cock swallowing jizz249

She made it clear before she got down on her knees and started to suck him off that she loved to to swallow cum. What good looking chick doesn’t?

She sucked and she sucked and when he was ready he dropped a nice load of jizz right in her mouth! And just like she promised she swallowed down as much jizz as she could!

topanga-loves eating cock swallowing jizz252

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3 Apr 12

Super Cum Shot

She promised him that she would swallow all of the jizz he would produce…… But when a huge stream of jizz spit out of his cock it shot right over her head! She was more than willing to swallow it down, but she can’t swallow his jizz if it shoots over her head!


Looks like he got too excited!

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22 Mar 12

Sammy Gets Cumshot

Sammy knows her place in life…. She’s nothing more than a hole for her men to fuck and drop cum into….. Thankfully Eva knows this – and better yet – She loves the taste of cum in her mouth and how it feels when that warm liquid goes down her throat…..

That’s why every time her man wants to spit his load into her mouth she’s more than willing


But this guy… She should have known because his cock was so damn large; She should have known he would spit out a huge load of cum!!! Luckily she can take that entire load down!!!


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21 Mar 12

Wife Loves Jizz

All of us need a wife like Wifey’s World!!!! She’s willing to suck cock any chance she gets!!!

And she loves sucking cock!


She’s even not afraid of his cum shots – she wants it in her mouth, all nice and neat and tidy and also because she loves to swallow it down, but she’s not afraid of his cum when it shoots up over her head and gets in her hair!


We all need a wife who enjoys cum this much!

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10 Mar 12

Gushing Cum

This hot brunette seems to know her way around a cock pretty damn well…. She’s got the sucking part down pretty well! She noticed that while sucking him down he was gathering up bunches of her hair, but she just assume that he was going to force her head and mouth down on his cock making her deep throat him. She had no problem deep throating; She can do it when she needed to.

As she went about sucking him down, she had no idea of what was about to happen!

cumshot in mouth1 cumshot in mouth2

She knew he was about to cum and was wondering what the next few moments would bring. Would he shoot it on her face? She didn’t mind a facial. Or would he try to make her swallow his jizz load?

Suddenly he pulled back on her hair, not enough so that it hurt but enough so that her head arched back and with her mouth still wide open he shot a huge gushing stream of jizz right into her mouth!

cumshot in mouth3

But he was done yet!

Still holding her hair, he pulled down on it even more and demanded she open her mouth. He wanted to see his jizz in her mouth before he made her swallow it down!

cumshot in mouth4

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Some bitches just know exactly how to turn a man on to get them to cum quickly… This hot little blonde slut had only one thing in her sights, and that was to get him off… As quickly as possible!

This time she used a trick that most men have never seen before – when she twists his cock around in her hand and then tugs in the opposite direction on his cock with her mouth!

suck the cock loving jizz 2

That was sure to get him off quickly!

He ended up spitting out a huge load of jizz all across her face – she didn’t seem to mind! In fact, she surely wasn’t afraid of jizz! That’s a good sign!!!

suck the cock loving jizz 1

After he was done cumming he wiped his cock on her face to make sure he got every last drop on her face!!!!

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8 Feb 12

Teen Loves Cum

We love chicks that are willing to put in the effort into a blow job…. This little cock sucker is deep throating his entire cock into her mouth without fear!

That entire cock is buried in her mouth!

chicks love eating cum1

Not only did she take all of his cock deep in her mouth, she swallowed down every drop of jizz that came out of his cock like the good little slut she is!

And the entire time while she was taking his load in her mouth and on her tongue, she kept on looking up at him with those dark brown eyes…. Of course that’s a huge turn on for all men!

chicks love eating cum2

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27 Jan 12

Cumshot On Tongue

All chicks love sucking cock. And all chicks love swallowing down a nice load of jizz for breakfaster – or any other time of day!

They take off their clothes, get down on their knees, just like the good little whores they are! And this little cock sucking whore is going to try to take in as much of his cock into her mouth as she can! She wants to have her throat tickled with the tip of his cock!

chicks love eating goo004 chicks love eating goo005

The pay off is wonderful for her because she loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

And that’s exactly where he popped his load of cum – right into her mouth and right on her tongue!

chicks love eating goo006

She loves having cum on her tongue!

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