10 Mar 12

Gushing Cum

This hot brunette seems to know her way around a cock pretty damn well…. She’s got the sucking part down pretty well! She noticed that while sucking him down he was gathering up bunches of her hair, but she just assume that he was going to force her head and mouth down on his cock making her deep throat him. She had no problem deep throating; She can do it when she needed to.

As she went about sucking him down, she had no idea of what was about to happen!

cumshot in mouth1 cumshot in mouth2

She knew he was about to cum and was wondering what the next few moments would bring. Would he shoot it on her face? She didn’t mind a facial. Or would he try to make her swallow his jizz load?

Suddenly he pulled back on her hair, not enough so that it hurt but enough so that her head arched back and with her mouth still wide open he shot a huge gushing stream of jizz right into her mouth!

cumshot in mouth3

But he was done yet!

Still holding her hair, he pulled down on it even more and demanded she open her mouth. He wanted to see his jizz in her mouth before he made her swallow it down!

cumshot in mouth4

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