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7 Sep 12

Twins Eat Jizz

It’s always hot when two girls are willing to suck off the same cock… In this case, it looks like these two are twins – perky blonde twins! Sucking the same cock!

And making out with each other in the process!


That is, until one of them gets a shot of cum in the face! Unless they are both willing to share!


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10 Jun 12

Cum For Two

Donna and Kelly grew up together and shared a lot of things together…. And they also loved sharing a good cock every know and then! They both loved the taste of cum and they knew that men were always turned on when they tag teamed a man, both of them naked and down on their knees, ready to suck off a cock!

Of course having two chicks sucking on their cock turned them on – What man wouldn’t be hard as a rock with two chicks sucking him off?

They both licked him up and down at the same time!


Kelly and Donna wanted one thing from this blow job, and that was a load of cum for them to play with…. They were both cum loving whores!!!!

And they loved to share too!!!!


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26 May 12

Sharing Jizz

As if it’s not hot enough that women are so willing to get down on their knees to suck us off…. And if it’s not hot enough that they are willing to cum swallow our jizz loads…..

But it’s got to be like ten thousand times hotter when you have two chicks sucking off your cock who are also willing to share your jizz!

two sluts suck cock share jizz2

Sharing the jizz is one thing, but watching them swap it out by lesbian kissing is uber fucking hot!

two sluts suck cock share jizz3

If only all chicks liked cum this much!

Got to love the Sperm Swap site!

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Having two chicks suck off your cock is the ultimate…. If you haven’t had two chicks get naked for you, get down on your knees, and suck off your cock, well, you just haven’t been living!

This lucky stud has two hot blonde chicks sucking off his cock and he’s in heaven! One chick is sucking the tip of his cock while the other is licking his shaft and playing with his nutsack! With this kind of treatment, how can he not drop off a huge load of sperm for these two jizz hungry whores to share and enjoy?

You now it’s cumming!


He spits out his entire load in one of the chick’s mouth, and being as they both love the taste of jizz in their mouth she had to share it with her sexy blonde girlfriend! She laid down on her back, opened up wide, and the other chick let his jizz out of her mouth and down into hers!

These two are jizz swapping whores!


They must really like the taste of jizz!

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2 Mar 12

Jizz Jugglers

Most chicks get turned on by sucking cock, but some chicks live for giving head – they just get so turned on by sucking cock and pleasing her man…. And these are the type of chicks we need to keep around!

These two little whores are the types who really like sucking cock… One would think they would be able to find more than enough cock to suck off, but the truth is it’s more difficult than you would think – short of walking into a bar with a sign saying “free blowjobs“. So these two girlfriends – who are no strangers to threesomes – have decided to share cock whenever they find one! One of them sucks while the other watches or helps, then they switch!

That’s sure to make any man cum and cum quickly!


Not only do they get turned on by sharing cock, they also love swallowing jizz!

And being as they both love jizz so much, they have no problem sharing it!


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11 Jan 12

Wife Loves Cum

We all wish we had a wife like Wifey from Wifey’s World who love to suck cock every chance they get!

And for a wife, she’s not that bad at all. Huge boobs! Her boobs also act as cum catchers too – in the event her man spits out a loud and it doesn’t go in her mouth her huge knockers can catch all of his cum – and she can save it for later!

hot housewife loves cum2

This hot big breasted wife sure does look sweet with a load of cum in her mouth!!!

hot housewife loves cum3

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3 Jan 12

Jizz Junkie

This blonde haired slut wasn’t sucking him down deep enough, so you know what happens when you want her to suck a little deeper right? A little bit of a helping hand can go a long way here – by forcing her lips down deeper around his cock!

She’ll figure it out soon enough – and if not, she’ll end up getting throated anyhow!


Either way she gets a nice fat load of jizz right in her mouth…. She loves the way cum tastes on her tongue so she lets the jizz simmer there a little bit for a while before swallowing it all down!!!!


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30 Dec 11

Jizz Swappers

Chicks that are willing to tag team cocks and swap cum….. Are always a special treat!

And nothing turns us on more than having two hot chicks down on their knees sucking us off!


The best part is when one of them swallows down a load of jizz – and then shares it with her girlfriend!!!!


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