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19 Sep 12

Jizz Facial

Hope this little teen slut likes jizz! Because she just got a ton of of jizz in her mouth!


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Every man alive has always dreamed of having a hot young school girl down on their knees sucking off their cock…. What man hasn’t had this fantasy once or twice or three thousand times?

This slutty little school is the exactly the type of school girl you want to have sucking on your cock. She’s dirty, and the dirty girls know how to suck down a mean cock don’t they? I bet you this slut isn’t wearing any panties either.

She sure does know how to give head, that’s for sure! She’s got a hard firm grip on his cock and she’s taking it down her throat, in and out of her mouth!


She’s a dirty little slut; This school girl knew she was going to be taking all of his jizz right in her mouth and she had no objections about doing it either!


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Some chicks just don’t know when to say no!

This little brunette whore has no problem playing dress up for her man. He wanted her to be a school girl, and who was she to say no? I mean, she is always more than willing to suck off his cock when eve she wants it, right? So why not indulge all of his fantasies? If he wants a blow job from a school girl, well, she is going to give him exactly what he wants!

Plaid school girl skirt and all she started sucking him off! Her boyfriend is hung like a fucking horse and she loves how his cock feels when it’s sliding in and out of her mouth!


With her playing dress up it turned him like it has never turned him on before! He had always wanted to get blown by a hot little tight school girl, and now his fantasy was coming true!

It turned him on so much that he spit out a huge load all over her face!


Nice thick jizz too! What a mess… She’ll have to wipe it all of!

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30 Aug 12

Dripping With Jizz

When Jennifer set out to suck off some cock she was ready for anything…. But the one thing she wasn’t expecting was for him to spit out a load of jizz right in her mouth!

She tried to take all of his jizz in her mouth but it was too much jizz; She couldn’t keep it all in. Jennifer loves eating and swallowing jizz, and she wanted to swallow it all down but it was just too much! His jizz started dripping out of her mouth -and the rest of his cumshot ended up on her chest!


That’s fine. She’ll be sure to lick up every last drop!

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Mindy loves sucking cock. You can see it in her big brown root beer eyes! Shes on her hands and knees, titties out, and her mouth full of his cock! Yeah, she’s in heaven while she’s sucking him down!!!!

This bitch loves oral sex!


But she was having too much fun playing with his cock – and needed to be reminded of what she was there to do…. Which is sucking cock! He put his hand behind her head and pushed it forward, deeper and deeper, until this brown eyed cutie was deep throating his entire cock down!!!!

mindy-loves-cock1 mindy-loves-cock2

The deeper she swallowed his cock down, the more he got turned on…. They both knew that it was only a matter of time before he exploded in her mouth – dropping his entire load right on her tongue!

She was a good girl about it! She’s given a lot of blow jobs before; She knew what to do… She knew that men like it – love it! – when instead of just swallowing it down…. She knew that men love it when a chick plays with his cum in her mouth – and that’s exactly what she did! She tossed his cum around in her mouth like it was mouth wash!

And then she swallowed it down – His entire load!!!!


She loves to cum swallow!

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Angelica Lane was no stranger to cock! She might have been young, but she’s seen plenty of cock in her time! And she loves to gobble it down!

She showed up for what she thought was a boring night of babysitting, only discover there was no one else home except for Dan. Opps, wrong night! But when Dan put the moves on her she couldn’t say no. She knew that older men had huge cocks and didn’t get laid often and spit out huge loads of jizz – and Angelica loved swallowing jizz!

But his cock was so huge!

angelica lane 259

That’s fine, because she’s a good little slut who knows her place in life – which means she spends a lot of time down on her knees naked with a huge fat cock in her mouth! She sucked him unlike she had ever sucked a cock before, deep throating him and all!

Dan really liked it. All men love it when women look up at them with their mouth full of cock, and when Angelica looked at up him with her cute little pig tails it was enough to make him drop his load right there and then!

angelica lane 234

Sure enough, right on cue, he spit out a huge load of jizz on her face – she tried to swallow down as much as she could because she was trained to eat jizz!

angelica lane 345

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You just know you want this hot blonde babe to suck off your cock!

Imagine being able to pull on her hair while she’s sucking your cock!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover1

When she starts sucking cock, she’s all business. She knows all the tricks. But the hottest trick of all is when she’s on her knees, cock in mouth, looking up at us….. Now that’s hot! And seeing a hot little blonde with a cock in her mouth sucking you off, well, it’s not stretch of the imagination that she’ll be able to get him off quickly!

Who wouldn’t want to drop their load in her mouth! I bet you she’d love to eat it up too!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover2

Turns out she loves jizz – All of it!

She wants jizz in her mouth, on her face, on her chest….. Jizz every where! More jizz for her drink down!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover3

Yeah, she sure does like jizz doesn’t she!

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Andrea had taken a job for the summer baby sitting for a family. She really liked Dan, thought he was cute, and sometimes at night when her pussy was wet and she was horny she dreamed about him. In her dreams Dan had a huge cock, and being as she had always loved sucking down huge cocks she always hoped something would happen between then…

Then one night after everyone was asleep she was reading in her room when Dan knocked on the door. When he came into her room her pussy got instantly wet!

andrea anderson 130

When Dan whipped out his cock it was like all of her dreams was coming true! His cock was huge, just like her dreams!

She took his cock into her mouth and stated sucking him off! There is nothing a hot teen likes more than an older man with a full stiff cock! Maybe it’s because they feel like there is so much power throbbing through their mouth as they suck them off, but it makes their pussies nice and wet!

Andrea was no exception!

andrea anderson 153

When he came it was like a dream come true! He spit out a huge load, and although this hot teen had never told anyone before she loved the cum swallowing! She took as much as his cum into her mouth and swallowed it down like a good little teen slut!

andrea anderson 247

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30 May 12

Sucking Cum

You can tell when a teen really enjoys sucking cock…. You can tell by watching her hands. If she’s playing with her breasts and her pussy, trying to get herself off, then she’s really enjoying herself! Chicks get so turned on when they suck cock! They love the way a hard cock feels sliding in and out of their mouth. Judy here loves it!

And it looks like Judy is going to get off before he is!


But she still kept on sucking him until he came, and when he dropped his load she opened up wide and took his load of cum right in the face!


She took in as much cum as she could, and then cleaned up the rest of his load with her tongue! She really did enjoy sucking it all down!

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27 May 12

Super Hot Facial

Every now and then you meet a hot chick who just loves having her face covered with cum…. And this dark haired brunette is no exception! She made it clear as she was getting naked that she loves facials and loves cum – And that she’ll take it any which way she can! As long as her face is covered with cum she’ll be a happy teen!

When he dropped his load she wasn’t surprised; She had been waiting for it! She opened up her mouth wide and leaned into his cock, taking most of his load right into her mouth! Just the good little whore we hoped she would be!


Yeah, you can tell this chick loves cum! She doesn’t want to swallow it down; She wants to remind him who’s really boss by playing around with his cum in her mouth before she swallows it down!!!!


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