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It takes a pretty spectacular dick to make this erotic blonde girl jizz this hard. Lucky for Sindee, our boy ray has a huge fucker in his pants and she can't wait to get it out and slip it inside her. That sweet amateur slit is dripping wet and she shudders when he finally slides that fucker inside her tight shaved slit. After cumming her brains out, she sucks him until he busts his load into her mouth. The only site to see horny young amateur jizz lovers like Sindee is Amateur Allure!

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Stunning latina sucks cock gets her shaved pussy fucked and swallows jizz.

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You never know what kind of nasty shit your girl will do when you piss her off. Hannah has had more than enough of all the bullshit. If she has to clean up one more sock off the floor, she's going to freak out. Since I don't want this gorgeous brunette sweetie going to jail, I decided I'd give her an alternate path for all that wrath. She vented all her frustration sucking my stiff dick and eating my spooge.

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I must have been the luckiest dude on the earth yesterday to be able to get such a sexy amateur down on her knees. She was more than happy to stuff the entire length of my hard dick into her delicious little mouth. She slurped hungrily as she gazed up at me with her dazzling eyes. Eventually, I blasted her with a huge goopy load of fresh jizz. This lovely little chick had no trouble swallowing every last drip.

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I haven't made it this far in life without recognizing a whore when I see one|No matter how hardmuch she tried to hide it, I could see how much of a nympho this cute amateur chick was. This chick was named Sindee and from across the parking lot, I could spot that stunning round booty of hers and I knew I had to have it. Turns out, it didn't take near as long as I thought it would to get her back to my place. She went to work right away, blowing my hard dick until I came in her mouth. She swallowed the whole thing without batting an eye, but she wasn't finished there. She got my dick hard again before ramming inside her tight amateur slit and riding me until she came her brains out. You can see the uncensored movie of her gulping my load over at Amateur Allure!

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14 Sep 12

Jizz Lover

Thomas from Amateur Allure wasn’t sure if this chick was brand new to sucking cock or was just teasing him. I think she can’t wait to tackle his cock, take him in her mouth, eat him alive, and then be sure to lick up every last drop of cum that she can get into her mouth!

She looks like she’s going to have fun sucking him off!


But mostly because she really likes the taste of cum – and she loves to play with it in her mouth!

Thomas has a habit of being able to spit out a huge load of cum, so this blonde haired teen slurping whore will get a nice big load of jizz in her mouth!!!!


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With Cameron here we never have to worry if she’s a cum swallowing babe. She’s swallowed for Thomas from Amateur Allure time and time again!

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That’s out type of cum swallowing babe!!!

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When a sweet blonde girl dyes her hair black, it can only mean one thing. It usually means that she's down to forget about being a "good girl" for a while and get really dirty. That certainly was the case with Sindee here. When I met this babe, she was blonde, but when she came knocking on my door one afternoon with dark hair, I knew she was looking to fuck. With a beautiful pair of boobs and plump round booty like she's got, you'd best believe I was down to give her some, too! This amateur girl swallowed my load after riding me so hard I could hardly see straight. I can't believe I got to bang a hot amateur girl like her and you can see the whole thing at Amateur Allure!

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11 Sep 12

Slut Eats Jizz

Some women are really nothing more than sluts. And sluts like to eat jizz. Just like this slut!

And this little slut is taking one hell of a big load of jizz right in her mouth! She’s sucked him off, and then when he was ready to cum she sat there with his cock in front of her mouth and her mouth wide open! He spit out his entire load right in her mouth!


Most women would want to quickly spit it out…. But not this little slut. She knows her place in life and she knows she’s a slut, and she knows that men love it when they take loads of jizz in their mouth!

Why should she be any different?

She just sat there with her mouth open with a huge load of jizz on her tongue!


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Oh god yes, I’d kill to have this stunning beauty sucking on my cock!

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When you toss in her oral skills, she’s even more desirable. At the very least she knows what turns men on doing a blow job – she’s looking right up at him while she’s sucking him off!

What a beautiful sight this is!

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But the best part isn’t the blow job itself…. It’s when you drop your load in her mouth. That’s just the beginning of this happy ending! After you drop your load in her mouth, she opens up wide to let you see exactly how much jizz you just squeezed out of your cock, and you can see how much is in her mouth!

This babe knows how to cum swallow!

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What a beautiful sight that is!

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