Some bitches just know exactly how to turn a man on to get them to cum quickly… This hot little blonde slut had only one thing in her sights, and that was to get him off… As quickly as possible!

This time she used a trick that most men have never seen before – when she twists his cock around in her hand and then tugs in the opposite direction on his cock with her mouth!

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That was sure to get him off quickly!

He ended up spitting out a huge load of jizz all across her face – she didn’t seem to mind! In fact, she surely wasn’t afraid of jizz! That’s a good sign!!!

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After he was done cumming he wiped his cock on her face to make sure he got every last drop on her face!!!!

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6 Mar 12

Sexy Blowjob

You can tell this whore has been around! She pulled up her dress, had her hands on her panties playing with her pussy, and a cock in her mouth! She’s just not happy until she’s got her mouth full of cock!

Chicks who play with their pussy while sucking cock are the type of chicks that really get off on sucking cock – and give the best blow jobs!


She got exactly what she wanted – a nice load of jizz right in her mouth!

This whore knows her place in life; She swallowed down all of his jizz like the good little whore she is!


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Talk about your teen chick who loves to swallow jizz! This young blonde hottie surely isn’t afraid of jizz!

Have you ever seen a load of jizz like this? I don’t think I could spit out a load of goo like this if my life depended on it!

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But she seems to enjoy having her mouth full of jizz, and full it is too! That’s a bit more than a mouthful!

She better hurry up and swallow down all of that cum before he starts giving her more jizz to swallow!

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But she really loves eating jizz, and after swallowing it all down… She opened up her mouth to let him see that she swallowed down his entire cum load!

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That’s one hell of a sperm cocktail all right!

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4 Mar 12

Miley Loves Cock

This right here, seeing this hot little teen brunette sucking on my cock, would make me weak in the knees if I was to look down at my cock and see this little teen cutie sucking off my cock!

She’s got his cock in her hand and has no fear, she’s stroking him gently with his hand, running her tongue all over the tip of his cock – the most sensitive part – and then swallowing the tip of his cock whole! What a huge turn on this must be!


She turned him on so much that he dropped his entire load in her mouth!


Miley loves swallowing cum so much that it’s become part of her routine… Young teen Miley has discovered the best of both worlds! She likes getting fucked hard – she likes it doggie style – and she also likes swallowing jizz! But recently she’s discovered that by sucking cock and swallowing jizz, it excites her man so much that he’s still hard as a rock after he cums that she can take his cock inside of her sweet teen pussy and fuck away until he cums all over again!

If she’s still not satisfied all she needs to do is suck him off again – and make him nice and hard all over again!

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2 Mar 12

Jizz Jugglers

Most chicks get turned on by sucking cock, but some chicks live for giving head – they just get so turned on by sucking cock and pleasing her man…. And these are the type of chicks we need to keep around!

These two little whores are the types who really like sucking cock… One would think they would be able to find more than enough cock to suck off, but the truth is it’s more difficult than you would think – short of walking into a bar with a sign saying “free blowjobs“. So these two girlfriends – who are no strangers to threesomes – have decided to share cock whenever they find one! One of them sucks while the other watches or helps, then they switch!

That’s sure to make any man cum and cum quickly!


Not only do they get turned on by sharing cock, they also love swallowing jizz!

And being as they both love jizz so much, they have no problem sharing it!


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Is there a damn thing better than a sweet amateur cutie who's a little slow? Jane here is one of those types of babes. Just look at that beautiful booty of hers when it peeks out from under her skirt like that. This girl loves the taste of cum and she does a great job of working that tiny amateur snatch on a hard dick before blowing it to get the load she wants. With a lovable pair of boobs like that, Jane can come back anytime she wants. The greatest place to find hot amateur nut lovers is Amateur Allure!

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1 Mar 12

Jizz Lover

The hotter the teen, the hotter the blow job! And Lora here looks stunning and even more so when she’s got her tongue out licking our nutsack! Oh, how we love it when a chick licks our nutsack! The funny thing is this cock is so damn huge that it’s rubbing on her cheek – and past her eyes – while she’s licking his balls….. That’s one huge cock, but this blonde haired teen has no problem taking him on! She must love huge cock!

And come to think of it, he’s got a huge nut sack here too! Teen Lora has no problem taking on his huge balls too!


Huge cock and a huge nut sack serves only one real purpose – to produce a ton of jizz, all of which Lora takes into her mouth with ease!

Lora is a hot little perky teen who is not the type to shy away from having jizz in her mouth; Instead, she seems to enjoy it…. She kept her eyes open the entire time she was sucking on his cock which is hot in itself, and when she swallowed his load of cum she kept her eyes open, locked with his….. Which just made him cum even more!

She took in all of his jizz and let it linger on her tongue….


And then in one huge gulp this hot teen jizz lover swallowed it all down!

Oh god how we love the girls on Amateur Allure!!!!

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I could sort of tell from her eagerness what kind of belated X-mas gift this hot young amateur cutie had in store for me. Jane is the sort of chick who likes playing flirty jokes like this, so when she showed up at my house in a naughty Santa suit, I wasn't surprised, even though I was turned on. This steamy blonde cutie ended up pounding that tight shaved honey hole on my dick until she came her brains out. She wasn't finished there though. She told me to shoot my nut in her mouth and when I did, she gulped down every drop! You can catch lots more hot amateur chicks just like Jane up at Amateur Allure!

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This blonde teen chick doesn’t know what’s coming….. She’s not sucking him deep enough and he loves to have his cock deep throated! he’s got her hand behind her head and he’s about to push down at the right moment, so that she’s deep throating his entire cock!

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She took all of his cock in her mouth, deep throating, without complaint. She’s a good little cock sucking whore and loves the abuse!

He spit out a huge load of jizz all over her face!

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She loves jizz so much that she tried to swallow down every last drop of cum that she could get in her mouth!

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27 Feb 12

Girls Who Eat Goo

Every man wishes they had a wife or girlfriend like Amy here…. Amy is not only a killer cock sucker, but she’s also one of those babes who loves to eat goo!

And as we all know, girls who eat goo are hard to come by – no pun intended! But Amy, oh sweet Amy…. She loves to swallow it down!

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And just in case anyone was wondering… About what happened to all of his jizz…. She opened up her mouth wide to let him know that she still had all of his cum in her mouth before taking a huge gulp to swallow it down!

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