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With Cameron here we never have to worry if she’s a cum swallowing babe. She’s swallowed for Thomas from Amateur Allure time and time again!

cameron-swallows down cum

That’s out type of cum swallowing babe!!!

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26 Aug 12

Gallon Of Jizz

Looks like to me this chick loves to eat cum!


She’s got more than a mouthful of jizz coming down her way!

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3 Aug 12

Jizz On Tongue

Oh now this is fucking hot….. You can tell from the amount of effort she’s putting into this blow job that she’s going to turn him on to no end, and he’s going to spit out a huge load of man goo in her mouth!

She looks like a little whore; Chances are she’s no stranger to sucking cock and no stranger to taking a facial – or even better yet, swallowing a huge load of jizz in her mouth!

babe loves eating jizz5 babe loves eating jizz6

When he’s ready he doesn’t say a word, just holds her head in place and drops his entire load right in her mouth!

babe loves eating jizz7

She’s a good little whore; She’s been around the block a few times! She knows better than to quickly swallow it all down! After all of that work sucking off his cock, she wants to get some credit for it! She opens up her mouth wide, shows off his jizz on her tongue, saying “See how much I turned you on?”.

And if that doesn’t turn you on, well, your on the wrong blog!

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